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Byron Katie's "Loving What Is ; Four Questions That Can Change Your Life"


August 27 2016

First book on my new "book club" list: Byron Katie's "Loving What Is; Four Questions That Can Change Your Life". This is a self-help book that describes a very simple way of working through troubling thoughts. Byron Katie is a person who was unable to function because of depression and anxiety until she awoke one day in an institution with a sudden understanding on what was wrong: there was a problem with her thinking!  As a result of this amazing insight, she developed a system of four questions, called "The Work" that helps us understand where we are getting bogged down in our thoughts. 

She says that there are three kinds of "business" we get stuck in: our business, other people's business, and God's business. And--wow, this is so obvious!--there is no upside to getting stuck in any business other than our own! 

The book is full of insights, dialogues with persons who are doing "The Work", and a very detailed description of how to do "The Work" yourself. I had some big "ah-hah" moments while reading this book--try it out and let me know what your impressions are!

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